Sainsbury’s has unveiled a range of edible flowers that can be used as a topping on cakes.

Available now, the flowers are grown by local producers in the Vale of Evesham and are sold as part of the Sainsbury’s Salad Bowl range. The brightly coloured edible blooms include varieties such as tagete marigold, monkey flower, viola and dianthus.

Sainsbury’s said the edible floral assortment was inspired by the popularity of cookery shows and social channels such as Pinterest, with consumers taking to their kitchens to create ‘Instagram-worthy’ dishes.

Announcing the launch, Vanessa Rider, Sainsbury’s buyer for edible flowers, said: “It’s great to see the first colourful buds going into our edible selection and onto our shelves – I’m confident customers will love the instant summer glamour that they will add to their dishes.”

Sainsbury’s already sells edible flowers as part of its Mozzarella & Flower Blossom Salad Bowl 130g (£2.50), and will be launching a punnet of edible flower varieties in the fresh herbs fixture for £3.