The Real Bread Campaign is celebrating Sourdough September for the third year running this month.

Independent ‘real bread’ bakers across the country will be running events and competitions throughout the month to encourage bakers to get back to basics and to stop using ‘unnecessary’ artificial additives.

Bread and Loaf in Shrewsbury is giving away starter kits for amateur bakers to make their own bread, and is offering those who return with the best loaf free weekly deliveries until Christmas.

And Logan Bakehouse in Logan, Scotland will be baking sourdough specials throughout the month starting with two specials a week.


Chris Young, of the Real Bread Campaign, said: “We created Sourdough September as an opportunity for small, independent Real Bread bakeries in Britain to get some local media coverage. It is now international, with bakeries from Ireland to South Australia taking part. The Campaign itself has paid-up supporters in 20 countries.

“It’s also a chance for Real Bread bakeries to highlight that they make genuine, long-fermented sourdough with a live starter and all the proven and possible benefits it offers, not what we call sourfaux, by which we mean a shortcut loaf made with added baker’s yeast, inert sourdough powder or concentrate and perhaps a lacing of artificial additives.”