Supermarket giant Tesco has said it is ‘reviewing’ the judgement of Ashers Baking Co, after it was found guilty of discrimination towards a gay customer.

The retailer stocks sausage rolls and other baked products from the bakery in its Northern Irish stores.

It responded on the social media site Twitter, when a blogger questioned Tesco’s stance on the situation, following the ruling on Tuesday (19 May).

The blogger tweeted: "Any comment from who stock ashers sausage rolls in coleraine branch, a company proven to discriminate on sexuality...?"

Tesco repsonded via twitter. It said: “We are reviewing the judgement and will discuss it with Ashers. Tesco has a great track record of working with local suppliers, large and small, from across Northern Ireland.

“Our focus and our commitment is to serve customers in all communities, from all backgrounds and beliefs.”

Ashers bakery was found to have discriminated against gay rights activist Gareth Lee, after it refused to supply him with a cake with a pro-gay marriage message last year. Lee was awarded £500 damages.