Bakery equipment supplier Invicta has employed Chris Higgins as the company’s new head of coating.

Higgins, who has 15 years’ experience in the coating industry, will help Invicta give its customers assistance with their selection and use of equipment.

Invicta, which supplies a range of coated and non-coated products to the baking industry, said it had made the appointment due to the increase in coating options. This has included developing technologies in non-stick coatings and specially reinforced coatings.

“I look forward to further developing the coatings side of the business, which has so much potential for future expansion within the industry as a whole,” Higgins said.

The company said coatings evolution had been driven by bakeries that wanted to employ different techniques or use a wider range of ingredients for making gluten-free breads and high sugar products.

“There are many different types of coatings on the market today and the choice can be bewildering to customers trying to decide the type that will best suit their needs,” said John Waddington, Invicta’s managing director.

“Chris is well-established in this field and he will be able to offer up-to-the-minute advice and guidance.”