Kalsec Europe managing director James Smith has been named chairman of the UK Flavour Association.

Smith, who was vice chair last year, takes over the role from Synergy Flavours chief executive and managing director Steve Morgan.

The association, which is now in its 101st year, highlights the role of the flavourings industry in helping to produce safe, affordable and sustainable food and drink.

The UK is a world leader in the field of flavour and sensory science and the UK Flavour Association has played a key role in supporting the industry for more than a century,” said Smith. “The flavour industry is pivotal in enabling food manufacturers to offer ever more exciting and exotic dishes to consumers, but also in broadening the use of dwindling or unstable resources.

I’m thrilled to have assumed the role as the association’s chair at a time when the uncertainties of Brexit call on the industry to pull together to ensure we are able to retain our leadership position globally into the future.”

The UK Flavour Association recently unveiled a new-look website offering useful resources, legislative updates and membership details. It also includes a section advising on career paths for flavourists.