Continental bakery distributor Arden Fine Foods has developed a new Italian brand exclusively for Waitrose, with four new biscuit lines hitting the retailer’s shelves this month.

The new Arden & Amici brand, which includes cantuccini, biscotti and soft amaretti biscuits, could be extended to other products, such as panettone and savoury twists, if it proves successful, said commercial manager Gail Nelson. "Waitrose wants to have fewer but stronger brands on-shelf, so we developed Arden & Amici as an umbrella brand that could cover different Italian regions and products," she said.

The initial range, made using traditional baking methods in Tuscany, includes Almond and Chocolate Chunk Biscotti, Chocolate Chunk Cantuccini, Almond Cantuccini and Soft Amaretti. Packs retail for £2.19.

Arden’s other Continental biscuit brands include Jules Destrooper and Göteborgs.