Asda is reducing its transport costs and aims to reduce its fleet’s emissions by 40%. Advanced map-based transport optimisation software will allow for more efficient route planning and use of its fleets and drivers.

The new routing and scheduling system is foreecast to save the supermarket between five and 10% on the fleet costs of transporting goods to stores, which Asda plans to reinvest in the company, enabling additional cost savings for shoppers.

“By improving our routing efficiency we are taking miles off the road. We are maximising our use of our fleet capability and that results in reducing fuel usage and vehicle emissions. Our goal is to reduce our fleet’s total emissions by 40% by the end of 2009,” explained Liam Fletcher, Asda’s network efficiency manager.

The software - Paragon Multi Depot - is said to enable precise planning of delivery routes and vehicle use across all of Asda’s 22 depots that serve its 356 stores nationwide.