With the celebration cake market growing consistently over the last few years, ingredients supplier Bakels (Bicester, Oxfordshire) is offering a range of ingredients to produce celebration cakes for any occasion.

The company says its Multi-Mix Cake Base can be used for a variety of cakes, with the addition of water, egg and oil. Fruit and nuts can be added to the mix to make a customised cake or it can be coloured and flavoured using Bakels range of Fruit Pastes and Flavourings. On request, Bakels can provide more than 40 recipe ideas using the mix, which comes in 12.5kg bags.

For decorating cakes, the company’s Sugarpaste Concen-trate is claimed to offer a 25-30% saving over ready-to-use products. It contains all the ingredients required to manufacture sugarpaste except for icing sugar. The standard ratio is 80% icing sugar to 20% Sugarpaste Concentrate, but the softness can be modified by varying the proportion of Concentrate to icing sugar. Sugarpaste Concen-trate comes in brilliant white, but Bakels can also produce Sugarpaste Concentrate in specific shades on a bespoke basis.

For bakers who prefer ready-to-use products, the company offers its Pettinice RTU sugarpaste, which is ready to roll straight from the 5kg pail.