Bakeries in northern England and Scotland are continuing to struggle with the bad weather, while deliveries to the region have also been hit.

"We are quite used to dealing with snow up here, but the severity and duration of this recent blast has taken everyone by surprise," said Lewis McLean of McLean’s Highland Bakery in Morayshire. "We had about 8-10 inches of snow in our car park when the snow first hit. Out of 130 staff, only three did not make it into work; even one of those whose car slid off the road and crashed, made it to work the next day on the bus."

Dunfermline-based Stephens Bakery reported it was getting all the products out. Said MD André Sarafilovic: "When this type of thing happens, it brings out real community spirit. A local farmer even came over without being asked and cleared our delivery yard it’s amazing what people will do for a steak bridie!"

However, some cake decorating companies are finding it difficult to trade north of the border. Nottingham-based Sweet Success sugarcraft and bakery, which supplies fruit cakes, sponge cake bases and icings by mail order, has been hit hard as its regular courier stopped making collections for Scottish orders due to a big backlog. Said owner Rebecca Brown: "I’m sure some orders will be cancelled as people cannot wait if they need to ice wedding cakes they usually get there the next day, but one lady in Newcastle has been waiting a week-and-a-half."

Rainbow Sugarcraft in Traquair, south of Edinburgh, which makes and decorates celebration cakes and also sells decorating equipment, has been using 4x4s to get wedding cakes to customers through the snow, with deliveries taking twice as long as usual. Shop assistant Jamie Lawson said: "We’ve had hardly any pick-ups or deliveries from couriers in the last two weeks from the shop and it’s becoming a problem."