Feature Synopses

Feature synopsis March 2020: Bread improvers

This feature will explore what the sourdough explosion meands for bread improvers.

Feature synopsis March 2020: Doughnuts

This feature will explore how alternative production methods could give doughnuts a healthier twist.

Feature synopsis March 2020: Deck & Rack Ovens

This feature will explore what bakers can do to get the most from their deck ovens.

Feature synopsis February 2020: Plant-based bakery

Are consumers not too sweet on vegan cakes?

Feature Synopsis Feb 2019: Easter Bakery

The Simnel cake is a traditional Easter treat that has been left in the shade by hot cross buns.

Feature Synopsis Feb 2019: Speciality Breads

This article will explore the development of breads that contain non-wheat in the UK and overseas, and look at what impact they could have in the future.


Feature Synopsis Jan 2019: Mixers

The feature will look at how best use of mixing equipment can benefit a bakery business.

Feature Synopsis Jan 2019: Savoury trends

This feature will look at how bakers are breaking boundaries when it comes to savoury product development – particularly in terms of format.

Feature Synopsis Jan 2019: Out of Home

Retail bakeries and out-of-home food businesses have set their sights beyond the traditional high street – with rail stations and airport of increasing interest.

Feature Synopsis Dec 2019: Hygiene & Cleaning

While prevention is by far the best approach to bakery hygiene, occasionally things go wrong.

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