Craft bakers are to receive practical advice on how to meet government salt reduction targets for bread, as part of a Food Standards Agency (FSA) project.

Information packs containing bread recipes, trouble-shooting tips and a measuring cup for salt are to be sent to craft bakers to help them reach the FSA’s 2010 and 2012 targets for salt levels in bread. Bakeries meeting the targets will be able to display ’conformance certificates’ in their shops to promote the health benefits of bread containing less salt.

The packs are now being developed by the National Association of Master Bakers and the FSA, following extensive research into reducing salt levels in craft bread. Anthony Kindred, owner of London-based craft bakery Kin-dred’s, who worked on the project, said extensive test-baking had established it was relatively easy to cut salt levels in craft bread without affecting quality.

Salt-on-flour weights of 1.5% (equivalent to the 2010 target of 1.1g of salt per 100g of bread) and 1.2% (the 2012 target of 1g of salt per 100g) can be achieved by reducing water content in dough, shorter proving times and temperature control, he said.