Bakery ingredient specialist CSM United Kingdom has launched two new, improved Craigmillar Creme Cake Mixes, suitable for muffins, sheets and loaf cakes, so bakers can create variety from a single mix. The resilient crumb structure means cakes slice cleanly and inclusions are held evenly throughout the batter. Both mixes meet the Food Standards Agency’s 2010 sodium guidelines when using the standard recipe.

Dr David King, company development manager, said: "We have conducted extensive technical trials and benchmarking against other mixes on the market and these new Craigmillar Creme Cake Mixes come out top for performance and taste."

The Plain Creme Cake Mix is a good ’blank canvas’ for a variety of inclusions such as sultanas, cherries, blueberries or raspberries, he said. The mixes come in 12.5kg bags.