Coconut: Prices have remained extremely volatile, due to strong demand coupled with the disaster in Japan delaying some shipping of coconut from Asia.

Raisins: In Turkey, residual stocks of unsold raisins are now all but clear. Weather permitting and taking into account their increased planted acreage, "normal service" could resume from August-September. From California, prices have stabilised.

Sultanas: From Turkey, much of the unsold quantities from the reduced crop this season, are now sitting in the hands of origin processors, who are waiting to see how forward pricing will develop.

Currants: The weaker sterling against the stronger euro has contributed towards firmer prices in the UK. There seems little to no chance for prices to weaken this side of the new crop in August.

Apricots: Reports that the 2010 Turkish crop was close to the 75,000mt mark have resulted in some origin price improvement. A serious price correction over the last quarter of 2011 may ensue.

Prunes: There are strong prospects for another good supply out of South America this season. Prices should be stable in the short to medium term.

l Based on information supplied by RM Curtis