Hobbs House Bakery’s Tom Herbert and his brother Henry are to feature in new Channel 4 series, The Fabulous Baker Brothers, which starts in January.

According to Channel 4, the series of six thirty minute programmes will introduce viewers to “a delicious world of flour, fire and forearms”.

The first programme will be aired on Wednesday 4 January at 8.30pm.

Baker Tom Herbert and his chef brother Henry, who runs the local butcher’s shop next door to his brother’s bakery in Gloucestershire, have five generations of baking behind them.

The brothers will “take viewers into the heat of the artisan kitchen and unlock the trade secrets of baking which have been honed through generations of practice and passion”.

Each episode will also feature ‘The Pie-Off’ where Tom and Henry go head-to-head, devising their own version of a themed pie and placing them before a panel of judges.

Katie Horswell, who commissioned the show, said: “The thing that really excites me about this series is the new talent: the boys. Plus all the gorgeous food that men will want to cook and eat. With no pink spatula in sight, it’s exactly what we ‘knead’.”

Stylist magazine even included the pair in its section ‘Meet next year’s faces of food’.