In these hectic times, snacking on the go has come into its own. But as our lifestyles gather speed, driven by the need to tweet every time we boil the kettle, the need for fast food solutions that keep pace grows ever more acute. Sometimes one yearns for a 120psi cannon to fire food straight into one’s face.

Thankfully, such dreams have crossed over into reality, with one Youtube video showing ’product launching’ taken to its logical conclusion. The Cupcake Cannon offers a somewhat less dainty way of consuming a cupcake than politely nibbled with an afternoon tea. See t-shirt brand Johnny Cupcakes’ cupcake cannon video here:

The concept is about to go mainstream with the return of Wallace & Gromit yes, they’re back and they’re baking, this time as the face of nPower Energy’s World Cup-themed advertising. Wallace has devised a cannon to distribute pies to a stadium crowd, but it goes out of control, leading to a splendid Maradona ’Hand of God’ pun: