The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) is one of a number of organisations that have stated their intention to source 100% sustainable palm oil by 2015.

The FDF has signed up to a national statement, announced by Defra yesterday (30 October), pledging to work with other industries to achieve this target.

Richard Benyon, environment minister, announced that, by the end of 2015, all palm oil used in government food and catering services will come from environmentally friendly sources.

Andrew Kuyk, director of sustainability, FDF, said: “Many food and drink manufacturers have in place long-standing commitments to using 100% certified sustainable palm oil and the national statement is an important step towards a wider reassurance for consumers that the products they enjoy contain oil from environmentally friendly sources.

“We have seen significant progress towards achieving this aim since the first shipment of RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil arrived in November 2008 and we believe the joint agreement will encourage increased uptake by British industry.”

The announcement comes as the International Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil annual conference takes place in Singapore (29-31 October).

Consumers will be able to more easily identify which products contain palm oil, when changes to the European Food Information Regulations come into force.

Labels will have to identify the specific types of vegetable oils that have been used. Businesses are already starting to implement the change, and it will be mandatory on all food products from 13 December 2014,  according to Defra.