A team from Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery raised £2,300 for Cash for Kids, a charity for children who live under the poverty line, by completing the Manchester 10k race.

The team of 23, including David Smart, Ray Lyons and Julie Thew, completed the race in various times and hit upon the idea after the start of a lunchtime jogging club.

Production director Smart walked round the course in 2012, but decided to get into training for this year and completed it in one hour and 20 minutes.

Smart said the company had already signed up for 2014 and added: “There are many benefits to the Manchester 10k race – the main one being that many very worthwhile charities benefit from much-needed funds. The other is many unfit people, me included, need a bit of a kicking to start getting back into shape and, hopefully, live a bit longer.

“However when people from the same company come together for the benefit of others and complete an endurance [test], the company with great people also come together and are able to work through an endurance.”