Ishida Europe has developed a new data capture system for checkweighers in order to help production reporting procedures. The Ishida Data Capture System (IDCS) records data from packs weighed by up to 100 checkweighers and stores it on a secure database. It offers a range of reporting options, as well as identifying cost-saving opportunities, minimising product give-away and improving production efficiencies.

The system is compatible across all Ishida DACS checkweigher models and allows remote control and set-up of the checkweighers. The data can be analysed by batch, shift, operator, product or machine and reports are fully customised to include information such as production histograms, downtime, the checkweigher’s overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and daily reports. It can be accessed on-site or remotely using ethernet connections, and the only software required is a standard web browser.

Paul Griffin, Ishida Europe’s marketing director, commented: "In today’s modern production environment, manufacturers need to reconcile the need for full reporting to meet legal obligations with the pressures of operating to maximum efficiency."