A new smartphone loyalty scheme has signed up coffee shops and is targeting bakers to add to its retail participants.

Shoppers download a free Loyalli app and scan a bar code the developer sends participating outlets. Loyalli can be used exclusively or, as for Bold Street Coffee in Liverpool, to complement card systems.

My Coffee Stop, in Enfield Chase Station, has found it quicker to use than stamp cards. Karen Mercer, owner, said: "It has also saved us money on printing costs."

Loyalli is currently free while its developers try to get mass usage before looking at monetising it through premium services. Sebastian Borggrewe, developer, said bakers and coffee shops were renowned for using stamp card loyalty programmes, but that many people forgot to use them or discarded them.

"It also provides retailers with the most cost-effective and easy-to-implement marketing pro-gramme available, with the ability to analyse trends in usage," he said.