The National Association of Master Bakers has changed its trading name to the Craft Bakers’ Association.

The decision was made at the 126th annual general meeting of the organisation in Bournemouth last weekend.

Outgoing president Christoper Freeman had proposed that the name was changed to the Artisan and Craft Bakers Association.

However, an amendment by director Christopher Beaney was voted in instead, following a heated debate.

Proposing his name for the organisation, Freeman said: “I feel the name the National Association of Master Bakers is sadly outdated. It doesn’t resonate with the public.

“We have the National Craft Bakers’ Week and it isn’t called the National Master Bakers’ Week. We need to modernise ourselves.”

Proposing his amendment, Beaney said: “Let’s change the name if you think we need a more up-to-date image.”

The change to the Craft Bakers’ Association won, following 13 votes for, 10 against.

The AGM also saw the departure of longstanding chief executive Gill Brooks-Lonican, who has retired, and the installation of Antony Kindred as president.

For more details, see this week’s British Baker.