An entrepreneur has built Scotland’s first large-scale Polish bakery to supply East European migrants and his own restaurant outlets.

Bar and restaurant owner Jon Clemence set up the Polish Baking Company with Peter Ford, formerly of the Ford’s bakery chain in Edinburgh, and Sebastian Galewski, a former chef.

The Leith bakery will supply hotels, restaurants and Polish delicatessens with organic bread, baked with Polish flour and avoiding artificial leavening agents. It can produce up to 10,000 loaves a week. Galewski, who comes from a family of bakers in Poland, is the company’s MD. He devised the idea while working at the Cambridge Bar in Edinburgh, owned by Clemence.

Clemence was looking for a supply of consistently good rolls for his expanding hamburger chain and gave the project his backing. He then contacted Ford.

Clemence said: "We are doing this in a very artisan way, which is still the way they do it in Poland. We have the right product, now we are concentrating on the sales."

The partners have purchased a defunct bakery building and imported an oven from Poland to ensure authenticity. Galewski’s baker uncle supplied the Polish Baking Company with some of its recipes.