Wednesday morning is my favourite morning of the week, not because I get up at 3am, but because, an hour later, I find myself at Billingsgate fish market, right in the hustle and bustle of one of the oldest fish markets in Europe, writes Adam Gilbert.

I try to buy all sorts of wonderful fish that come from all over the world to this very special fish docking station, including roll-mop herrings, wild salmon, delicious brown shrimp, pollock, smoked haddock and mackerel, tiger prawns and crayfish. I really take my time going from one trader to the next, making sure to get top-quality fish at the all-important right price to make some fantastic fishy fillings.

A really great seller is our Fishcake Sciaciata. We use delightful loaves of Sciaciata id Campagna (Squashed Bread from the Country) to make a memorable fish sarnie.

Smoked haddock and salmon fishcake mix

Ingredients Quantity

Smoked haddock 100g

Cod fillet 100g

Salmon fillet 400g

Onion 120g

White Wine 50g

Parsley/tarragon/chives 30g

Potatoes 600g

Spring onion 30g

Lemon zest 1g


=== Rises & Falls ===

== Best of times ==

Computer gamers in the US, as the all new game, ’Cake Mania 2’, for the Nintendo DS, has been shipped to outlets nationwide... Bakery producers in India, as the Maharashtra Bakery Producers and Workers Federation has declared a 20% increase in the price of bakery products.

== Worst of times ==

Zimbabwean bakeries, as militia youths force shop owners to reduce prices well below cost - for example, 120 dozen loaves at ZWD$400m instead of ZWD$3.5bn... Kenyan wheat farmers, as the grain import duty is lowered, forcing prices to plummet.