White’s Bakery in Barnsley is aiming to provide thousands of schoolchildren with a healthier selection of baked goods.

The firm supplies bread and pastries to primary and secondary schools across the region, from Leeds to Doncaster, and is now working with those schools to meet national nutritional guidelines.

With help from a local business support organisation, Enterprising Barnsley, the bakery hopes to further expand its service to schools, as well as to the sandwich shops and other outlets it supplies.

“We recognise that head cooks have to provide balanced menus and maintain the uptake of school lunches. We’re working to reduce fat and sugar content against standard products and introduce more nutrients while still baking products that appeal to youngsters,” said MD David White.

“We’re currently developing a healthier range of cakes, some of which contain fruit, and it’s my aim that by being flexible and offering great service, we can be a one-stop shop for schools in breads and baked goods.”

Marketing specialist Kevin Steel, a coach with the Enterprising Barnsley programme, has been helping the firm improve its marketing materials and develop a website, as well as introducing it to potential new clients. 

“We felt we were strong in operational and financial areas, but fell down when it came to sales and marketing and that’s where Kevin’s ideas and advice have been extremely useful,” said White.

Added Steel: “With a fresh pair of eyes looking at alternative ways of tackling issues and opportunities, confidence levels within the sales team increased quickly.”

The family bakery, based at Worsbrough Bridge, supplied cookies for the year’s Wimbledon and Ryder Cup events.