The Whole Grain Stamp has been gaining pace, and can now be found on 5,000 products across 22 different countries.

The use of the Stamp, administered by US non-profit organisations Whole Grains Council (WGC) and Oldways, has increased 25% in nine months, as the trend for products that contain whole grain increases.

“The rapid growth of the Whole Grain Stamp signifies that whole grains really are the new norm for consumers, and the Stamp makes it easy for them to find significant sources of whole grain in products,” commented Kara Berrini, Oldways and WGC programme manager.

The Stamp can be found on products in Canada, Central and South America, Mexico, Argentina, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and China. Around 10% of the WGC’s 275 members are based outside the US and about 15% of products using the Stamp are being sold outside the US.

The Whole Grains Council introduced the Whole Grain Stamp in 2005.

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