A range of eco-friendly greaseproof paper using ‘next generation inks’ has been launched by a Mid-Glamorgan-based supplier.

The Greaseproof Printing Company debuted the paper, which can be used to wrap hot and cold savoury snacks including wraps, pies, pasties, sandwiches, sausage rolls and as a liner for pizza boxes, last week. 

Called Au Naturel, the fully recyclable paper is not chemically treated or coated. Instead, the greaseproof properties are acquired during the pulping process as a result of fibres becoming so tightly entwined that the spaces between them are smaller than a grease molecule, according to its makers.

The ink is free from heavy metals, glycol, and silicone, and derived from natural ingredients including soy, starch, sugars, dextrin, and tree resin, the company said.

“Not enough restaurateurs, gastro-pubs, foodservice operators, casual dining chains and food retailers are aware that grease-resistant papers are chemically treated – known as FCT or fluoro-chemical treatment to give them grease resistance,” said The Greaseproof Printing Company sales and marketing director Mike Wescomb.

“They tend to tear much more easily because of their low KIT rating – the measurement used by the paper industry to gauge grease resistance. Plus, their thermal properties are not as good as natural greaseproof which, because of the way it is made, exceeds the highest KIT rating possible.”