Euro Catering has introduced a range of refrigeration equipment for bakers, supplied by Italian manufacturer Sagi.

The new bakery range comprises upright and four-tray refrigerators and freezers, as well as a retarder prover and a roll-in retarder prover.

It also features single, double and triple-refrigerated counters, slimline counters and six- or 12-rack blast chillers/freezers, including a remote pass-through roll-in blast chiller/freezer, which can work in tandem with large bakery and combi ovens.

Euro Catering said the range was super-energy-efficient, easy to clean and designed with the needs of bakers in mind.

“We are delighted to add the Sagi refrigeration range to our product portfolio, knowing this will tick the box of many bakeries,” said Tim Charlton at Euro Catering. “The products are sturdy, have a functional design and are high-quality. Add to this its energy credentials and it offers everything the specialist or in-store baker could wish for.”