Equipment supplier Euro Catering is offering training to workers who operate hi-tech equipment.

The company said the new Equipment Plus training was suitable for restaurateurs, kitchen operatives and private individuals using kit such as ovens, rotisseries and bakery equipment.

The training, which is provided free to some Euro Catering customers but is available to anyone, works at two levels – Equipment Plus and Equipment Plus Advanced.

Equipment Plus is a three-hour session that guides the trainee through basic operation of their equipment, its functionality and general care. This includes programming and programme selection, cleaning advice and recipe guidance and, if desired and appropriate, cooking-off a dish or dishes using a pre-set programme.  

Equipment Plus Advanced is a day-long session that enables the trainee to do all of the above, but also go deeper into recipe formulation, testing of potential new product lines or dishes, advanced problem-solving and trouble-shooting, menu innovation and out-of-kitchen food management and budgeting.

“This is about added value, but much more. It can provide participants with the tools they need to make their business run more effectively, dynamically and profitably, while generating higher levels of customer satisfaction and better product taste, presentation and payback,” said Euro Catering corporate development chef Darren Massey.

“It might be training for a half- or a full-day in most cases, but it will be training with purpose and intent that will be embedded in processes forever more, if applied post-training.”

Sessions will ideally take place at Euro Catering’s culinary centre in Daventry, but trainers can travel and train on-site.