Loma Systems has added to its X5 X-ray series with a new model. 

The X5 Bulkflow is an X-ray inspection system for bulk loose, unpackaged, and free-flowing food products.

Loma said the machine offered detection for loose products on a wide variety of foreign body contaminants, including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metals, stone, ceramic, glass, bone and dense plastics – regardless of shape, size or location within the product.

The system can check products including meat, poultry, convenience foods, frozen products, nuts, berries, dried fruit, lentils, cereals and vegetables before they are packaged or used as ingredients in finished products.

It can also be used to inspect raw products prior to the production process – for example straight from the field, where stone, glass or dirt may be present.

To maximise production line profitability, Loma said the X5 X-ray series could reduce reject errors and ensure re-inspection costs were for genuine rejects only. For handling rejects, it is available with single flap, dual flap, multi flap or carriage retract band reject options to suit the existing production line set-up.

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