We have extended the entry deadline for the 2017 Christmas Stars competition – giving businesses one more week to show off their festive creations.

Any professional baker or bakery retailer now has until 25 September to enter their products in one of six different categories, and has the chance to use a Winner or Highly Recommended logo on all marketing material and on packs.

Whether you have one shop or hundreds, if you supply the supermarkets or have your own independent shop, winning a Christmas Star award will be a seal of approval for you and your business.

A panel of industry experts judge and score the products ‘blind’, with judges unaware of the identity of the manufacturer/retailer. Products are scored on key criteria including appearance, taste, aroma and value for money.

The six Christmas Star categories are:

Christmas Cake

  • To include, cake bars, festive cakes & puddings, and stollen.
  • Christmas cake – must be no larger than 12 inches in diameter. It must contain a mix of dried fruit and almonds and can be decorated in any way.
  • Cake bar – Can be a bar that is sold individually or in a multi-pack. Can include any ingredient but must have a festive feel or packaging. Can be a traybake.
  • Festive cake or pudding – (but not a traditional Christmas pudding) of any size and featuring any ingredients or baking technique. However, the product must only be available for sale over the festive period.
  • Stollen – This yeasted cake must contain almonds and a mix of dried fruit. It can be of any size or shape.

Christmas puddings

  • Must be no larger than seven inches in diameter. It must contain a mix of dried fruit and some kind of alcoholic beverage, and can be decorated in any way.

Festive biscuits (sweet & savoury) including gingerbread

Any of the bakery products below can be entered into this category:

  • Christmas biscuit selection – must include at least 12 biscuits and have a combination of chocolate and plain. It must be sold as a selection especially for Christmas.
  • Savoury biscuit – can include biscuits all of the same type or a varied selection.
  • Christmas gingerbread – can be an individual gingerbread or a pack of no more than 12. Gingerbread can be decorated in any way.

Festive bread, including panettone

  • Festive bread – can be any type of bread (white, brown, wholemeal, sourdough, rye, etc) but must only be available for sale over the Christmas period. Up to 800g in weight.
  • Panettone – this sweet Italian bread must include vanilla, citrus and candied fruit. It can be of any size or shape.

Mince pies

  • Entries must consist of six mince pies that contain mincemeat. Entrants can use any kind of pastry, and the pies can be of any shape or size.

Free-from Christmas bakery

  • This can be any festive-themed product that fits into one of the above categories, but must be free from at least one major allergen, in compliance with food labelling regulations. Follow the above category criteria, dependent on the product you are entering (ie – an entry of free-from mince pies must consist of six pies).

The British Baker Christmas Stars winners will be announced in a web broadcast on Wednesday 11 October at 3pm – in time for you to ramp up your Christmas marketing activity.

Entry fees are £99 per product for small/medium bakery businesses; and £299 per product for large bakery businesses.

How to enter: Our online process makes entering the British Baker Christmas Stars quick and easy. The new deadline for entries is 25 September 2017 – enter now at www.bakerychristmasstars.co.uk.