Lidl crusty rye

Source: Real Bread Campaign

The loaf before Lidl changed the name…

Lidl has changed the name of one of its in-store bakery loaves following complaints from a customer and the Real Bread Campaign.

The retailer’s ‘Sourdough Crusty Rye Bloomer’ has been renamed ‘Crusty Wheat & Rye Bloomer’ after a customer complained to Lidl, pointing out the loaf was made with 56% wheat flour and used baker’s yeast.

According to the Real Bread Campaign, Lidl rejected the complaint. This prompted the campaign to contact trading standards, which it said has since advised that Lidl took the comments on board and has changed the name of the loaf.

“We’re thankful Lidl has come up with a more appropriate name for the product but we shouldn’t have to be spending our time on individual cases like this,” added Real Bread Campaign coordinator Chris Young.

Lidl crusty rye Now

Source: Real Bread Campaign

… and how it appears today

He said the case, and a decision by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to reject a similar complaint, showed the need for legal definitions of commonly used bakery labelling and marketing terms.

“The fact that the ASA’s decision was different to the outcome of our trading standards complaint once again underlines the need for the Honest Crust Act we’ve been calling for since 2009”, Young explained.

“Too much still relies on opinion and interpretation, with cases like this taking weeks, months and even more than a year to resolve. Clear-cut definitions and regulation would make things some much simpler for shoppers, business owners and consumer protection bodies.”

In February, the Association of Bakery Ingredient Manufacturers published its long-awaited code of practice for the labelling of sourdough products. While the guidance has been welcomed by some trade groups, the Real Bread Campaign has criticised it.

When asked by British Baker, Lidl did not say whether the code of practice had been a factor in its decision to change the name of its loaf.

The retailer said it continuously reviewed and updated its bakery range to ensure it has the best offering for its customers.

Lidl added that shoppers’ “love for Lidl’s baked goods was reinforced last month at the Baking Industry Awards, after being crowned Bakery Retailer of the Year”.