Ahead of the IBA trade event in Munich next month, we look at what some of exhibitors will have on show.

Baker Perkins

  • Hall: A6
  • Stand: 321

Baker Perkins supplies equipment, process technology and services to the bread, biscuit, confectionery, snack and breakfast cereal sectors.

New for IBA: The Tweedy SuperCool system is new technology that makes high-speed mixing possible in hot climates on Tweedy mixing systems. It can be retrofitted to existing installed mixers.

Series 3 is a new-generation rotary moulder for the biscuit industry.

Also on show: The Accurist 2.1 bread dough divider, which now features foam and rinse hosedown cleaning, with a customised low-pressure spray gun supplied.

Also shown will be a seeding attachment for the Multitex4 bread dough moulder. This technique to make a fully-enrobed seeded loaf involves rolling coiled dough pieces in the seeds or grains before panning.

The latest TruClean 3-roll sheeter and gauge roll for crackers and snacks will be at IBA. These units complete the upgrade of Baker Perkins’ range of sheet forming and cutting lines to TruClean standards, bringing major benefits in maintenance and hygiene, with lower costs and faster changeovers.


  • Hall A6
  • Stand: 361 and 371

Bühler Consumer Foods provides machines and solutions for the confectionery, bakery and coffee sectors. Following the integration of Haas, Bühler now offers production of moulded chocolate products, cereal and chocolate bars, coffee, wafers, cookies, cakes, bars and other baked goods.

New for IBA: The continuous dough extruder ContiMix,

which combines mixing and kneading processes, eliminating additional process steps and leading to up to 9% greater dough yield, says Bühler.

The company is also showing the new SWAKT-ECO wafer baking oven, which Bühler says reduces gas consumption by up to 25% and NOx and CO emissions by up to 90%, while improving process efficiency and product quality.

Also on show: Bühler’s team of technologists, bakers and a chocolatier will be in the Inno Lab with live production of innovative new wafers, biscuits and other baked goods. The newly designed Ideation Room will present news and facts on topics ranging from raw material to finished end products, alongside tastings.

The JetMix continuous mixing solution, which enables uniform hydration of each flour particle to create a fine and creamy dough in seconds, will be demonstrated.

In addition, to show the benefits of the merger of Bühler and Haas, a ‘grain to biscuit’ processing chain will be demonstrated. Many machines that will not be displayed physically at IBA will be available to view via augmented reality.

Dowson Food Machinery

  • Hall: A6
  • Stand: 221

Dowson Food Machinery is a leading manufacturer of British bakery equipment, including tortilla lines, bun lines, loaf slicers, dicers, splitters, baggers and dough dividers. The business utilises its in-house machining capabilities, innovation and development expertise to make its customers’ operations more efficient and effective.

New for IBA: New design loaf bagger.

Also on show: Crouton dicer and dough divider (on distributors’ stands).

European Process Plant

  • Hall/Stand: see below

EPP provides a full range of bakery equipment that is sourced from leading specialist European manufacturers.

New for IBA: EPP partner Koenig is showing its revised Combi Line roll line for easier cleaning, maintenance and access to all modules; a new dough sheeting line for artisanal bakeries; the Menes-H industrial dough sheeting line; and a new universal dough belt former. Another EPP partner, Mecatherm, is launching a new oven, a new intuitive divider and universal conveying system.

EPP partner companies:

  • Colussi Ermes (Hall A6 241): Washing machines
  • Shick Esteve (Hall B4 550): Ingredient automation solutions and process design
  • VMI (Hall B2 430 & Hall B2 530): Mixing solutions
  • Koenig (Hall B2 370 & Hall B2 570): Bakery machines, ovens and bread roll lines
  • MIWE (Hall A2 311 & Hall A2 511) Solutions for proofing, cooling, freezing and baking
  • GEA Bakery (Hall A6 211): Equipment and lines for production of crackers, cookies, cakes, pastries and confectionery products
  • Minipan (Hall B6 340): Bakery machines and production lines
  • Haas-Mondomix (Hall A6 361): Dosing, kneading, (pre)mixing, aerating and depositing systems
  • Mecatherm (Hall B2 150): Equipment and automated production lines


  • Hall: B4
  • Stand: 351

Handtmann is a market-leading supplier of filling and portioning equipment for the food processing industry, with systems and applications covering multiple food categories.

New for IBA: The FS520 and FS510 forming systems are designed to deliver multi-lane production of a wide variety of 3D product shapes. The forming nozzles/inserts can be quickly changed and a wide diversity of products including energy bars, cookies, snack pastries, ethnic food and crispbreads produced by virtue of fast product change over times. The use of a servo-driven filling flow divider guarantees accurate weights per portion across all lanes, says Handtmann.

Also on show: The SE442 cutting unit divides dough with a VF800 filling and portioning machine. It is equipped with a pneumatically operated blade and can divide 200 portions a minute depending on portion weight and dough consistency. With a modular design, all components can be quickly removed and refitted for cleaning purposes, which represents a major advantage in the processing of gluten-free products, says Handtmann.

The company is also showing a hand dosing valve that allows for flexible depositing of different fillings. When the dosing valve is used in conjunction with a VF608 B, the Handtmann vane cell feed system allows for precise depositing accurate to the gram. For various different containers, such as tubs, trays, jars and cans or for depositing toppings onto products, the flexible handling of the valve, along with a selection of round and star-shaped nozzles, enables a wide portfolio of applications.

Mono Equipment

  • Hall: A6
  • Stand: 220

Mono Equipment designs and manufactures bakery equipment in the UK with a history that can be traced back to its origins in 1947. All equipment is manufactured to stringent standards using “cutting-edge technology and time-honoured skills”.

New for IBA:  Mono Universal 3DX Confectionery Depositor, Mono Eco-Wash Convection Oven, Mono Gemini Roll Plant, Mono MX Rack Oven.

Also on show: Mono Harmony deck oven with loading system, Mono Eco-Wash Convection Oven, Mono 4 Tray & 7 Tray Convection Ovens, Mono Omega Confectionery Depositor, Mono Epsilon Confectionery Depositor, Mono Automatic Jammer, Mono Combination Moulder, Mono Volumetric Divider, Mono Metro Moulder and Mono Multi-Moulder.

Mono Equipment says IBA is important to the business as a platform to showcase its new and latest production innovations.

“IBA allows us to meet new and existing customers and, as it is the largest show in Europe, it increases our brand awareness,” says the company.

Reading Bakery Systems

  • Hall: B1
  • Stand: 234

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) is a leading manufacturer of bakery equipment, providing process solutions and support for the snack food industry. The RBS brands portfolio include Thomas L Green, Reading Pretzel, Exact Mixing and Reading Thermal.

New for IBA: The Exact Mixing HDX continuous mixing system for buns, which has a redesigned high-speed developer for manufacturing highly developed dough at low temperatures. RBS will also be showing the new Thomas L Green Servo Wirecut Machine, new Emithermic cookie oven and Reading Thermal bread and bun oven profiling solutions.

Also on show: Other Exact mixer models, including the MX Mixer with new Hydrobond Technology, which delivers instant, even hydration of a dry ingredient stream before it enters the continuous mixer.


  • Hall: B3
  • Stand: 320

Reiser and Vemag manufacture, supply and service equipment for bakery, food industry and other selected markets.

On show: Full range of Vemag dividers, portioners, forming and extruding equipment, and complementary rounding, forming and checkweighing equipment. The majority of the equipment on show will be running live demonstrations to demonstrate the versatility of the equipment across a range of bakery applications.


(Rondo United Kingdom/Rondo Burgdorf AG Switzerland)

  • Hall: A1
  • Stand: 111

For 70 years the Swiss Rondo group has been developing and producing high-quality machines and systems for the production of pastry of all types. The company says thousands of producers, ranging from small artisanal bakeries all the way up to big industrial producers rely on ‘Dough-how’, Rondo’s combination of know-how and experience in sheeting and shaping of dough.

New for IBA: The Artisana bread line is a new industrial system that has been developed for gentle production of artisan bread products and is capable of processing up to 2,000 kg of dough per hour.

Rondobot, is a unique robot system allowing, for the first time, round-moulding of very soft dough, says the company. The Rondobot is equipped with a six-axis robot system and uses the MPR (Multi-Phase Rounding) process to simulate smooth round-moulding by hand.

Rondo is also showing a newly developed system for producing bent croissants.

The bending unit is mounted directly after the curling section on the outfeed table of the Cromaster machine.

Rondonet, a cloud-based data acquisition system that records and communicates line and process data in real time. Rondonet allows baked goods manufacturers to increase transparency in production, to reduce downtime and avoid operating errors, according to the supplier.

Also on show: Machines and lines for booking and laminating, for production of pastries, bread and rolls, special bread, croissants, pizzas, doughnuts, thin dough products, and a great deal more. This includes mechanical and electronic dough sheeters, the EVO Line, Starline and Ecoline product make-up lines, the Cromaster croissant machine and the MLC laminating line.

Select Bag Sealers

  • Hall: B1
  • Stand: 256

Select Bag Sealers designs and builds semi and fully automatic machines that operate at speeds of up to 90 packs per minute; applying paperless seals with easy-opening tabs or tape and paper seals. It also offers intelligent thermal transfer printers.

New for IBA: Fully recyclable bread packaging, a ‘Pay Per Seal’ all-inclusive solution for coded bag closures and the latest model of the FlexiPlus bag sealer.

Spooner Industries

  • Hall: A6
  • Stand: 221

Spooner provides tailored food processing solutions, offering a complete service from design to manufacture, installation and commissioning, together with an R&D facility for trials and testing, and Spooner Plus for spares, maintenance and lifetime service requirements. Spooner is based in the UK, with representatives across the globe.

New for IBA: Spooner will be showcasing the latest features for its high-quality, energy-efficient ovens. The company says it works continuously to bring bakers the latest innovations for all their baking needs.

Also on show: As all Spooner’s equipment is tailor-made – and very large – the business has created a life-size cross-section of an oven section. This details many of the new features including integrated terminal ends and access walkways, helping customers to understand the benefits of the latest developments as they can physically walk inside them.

Tom Chandley

  • Hall: A5
  • Stand: 564

Tom Chandley is a family company that has been operating since 1944, and is a leading manufacturer of bakery ovens. Its range includes modern ECO Deck, rack, convection ovens, pizza ovens, provers, water metres, L-sealers and Bakefresh automatic ovens. All electronic controllers and elements are manufactured in the firm’s purpose-built factory in Manchester.

New for IBA: Easy-clean glass doors, self-cleaning ovens.

Also on show: Tom Chandley’s traditional cast iron Endura show oven, alongside a selection of pizza and deck ovens.

Tromp Group

  • Hall: B1
  • Stand: 340

Tromp says it offers experience, best-in-class technology and comprehensive equipment, and can fulfil all aspects of the baking process: mixing, sheeting, proofing, baking, cooling/freezing and topping.

New for IBA: Tromp is presenting ‘All about Pizza’, a concept for optimal pizza production with an integrated process line, offering an efficient way of working with modular designed equipment. In addition, the booth will display a section from a Multibake HT tunnel oven, a directly heated oven with a stone floor for pizza production. Tromp will also show a sheeting line and a topping line.

Also on show: Solutions for sheeted breads, pastry and laminated doughs, cakes and muffins and pies. Tromp pizza bakers will bake Napolitana pizza for visitors, who can also sample products made using Tromp equipment on the Food Wall.


  • Hall: A3
  • Stand: 331

Wiesheu has been developing and producing in-store baking ovens since 1973, and has introduced a number of pioneering innovations.

New for IBA: Fully automatic cleaning system ProClean365; an automatic loading system TrayMotion. Also on display will be Atollspeed Highspeed ovens.

Also on show: Deck ovens, convection ovens, networking solutions, a demonstration area and snacks.


  • Hall: A2
  • Stand: 331

Zeelandia, part of the Royal Zeelandia Group, serves the baking industry around the world with quality ingredients. Established in 1900 in Holland, it has operated in the UK since 1956.

New for IBA: The firm will focus on products such as softened & sprouted grains, and sourdoughs with added flavours; water-based fillings; fruit fillings; release agents; fat-based coatings; and improvers.

Also on show: Fudge toppings, Silkgrain moisturiser for breads, ready-to-use fruit fillings, and the Zeelandia Crustitest to help develop better crusts.