Independent pie manufacturer, Pukka Pies, has reported a “satisfactory year”, with a pre-tax profit of £4.3 million in the year to 25 May. 

Down from £4.42m the year before, Leicester-based Pukka Pies reported a 2.7% fall in profits in the last financial year.

But turnover was up by 5.9% - £46.5m compared to £43.9m the year before. Operating profit fell from £4.4m to £4.1m, a difference of 6.8%, and gross profit margin increased from 41% to 42.2%. Cost of sales increased from £25.9m to £26.9m.

Building brand awareness was noted in the report as key to the company’s continued increase in turnover. It also said that, going forwards, the directors expected the business to continue to expand and grow.

It said the company’s priority was producing “superior products coupled with outstanding customer service while offering excellent value for money”.