Asda has launched four new speciality breads into its Extra Special range of bakery products.

The range now includes a Pumpernickel Boule, Sourdough Bloomer (pictured above), Rye Sourdough Bloomer, and the Chocolate Bread that was unveiled in the retailer’s summer range preview in April  (rsp £1.50 each).

The chocolate loaf is made by a supplier in France using French flour to make what the retailer described as a “light, chewy chocolate dough that includes milk chocolate chips”. The texture is said to be a cross between a sourdough and a French baguette.

Maddie Munden, product manager for bakery at Asda, said the team had worked hard on the development of the recipe.

“We know our customers love chocolate, but we didn’t want to create anything too sweet. I think we’ve reached a happy medium of a chocolate hit that customers will recognise that is somewhere between milk and dark chocolate in flavour,” she said.

Also added to the range are two sourdoughs and a pumpernickel loaf, which Munden said was not too dense and was “flavoursome, slightly nutty and delicious with cold meats and cheese”.

“We’re seeing people be more adventurous with bread now – more people want natural yeasts and speciality flours, not just a bog-standard loaf,” Munden added.