Valentine’s Day is here and the nation’s bakers have been whipped into a frenzy creating treats to mark the occasion.

From personalised brownies to decadent cupcakes and even éclairs to declare your love with, there’s no shortage of innovation in baked treats to celebrate 14 February.

Here are some of our favourites:

Passionfruit & Raspberry Pastry, The Flour Station

The Flour Station, situated in Camden Market, has produced a trio of heart-themed baked goods for Valentine’s Day, including the Passionfruit & Raspberry Pastry (pictured). Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies and Cupcakes with Chocolate & Hearts complete the line-up.

Chocolate & Rose Petal Bundt Cake, Carluccio’s

Why leave a trail of rose petals when you can sprinkle them on cake? These delicate Bundt cakes from Carluccio’s comprise soft couverture chocolate cake, drizzled with red icing made from beetroot powder and sprinkled with rose petals.

I Love Choux, Maître Choux

Say ‘I Love Choux’ with this dessert from Maître Choux. It is topped with tempered white chocolate and filled with blackberry cheesecake. For something more extravagant, there’s a Red Love éclair created by master patissier Joakim Prat, which features Tahitian vanilla cream, raspberry purée and raspberry seeds draped in raspberry-flavoured macaron.

Valentine’s Day Doughnuts, Crosstown Doughnuts

Donut forget to buy your Valentine something sweet. Crosstown Doughnuts has created a trio of treats using Guittard Chocolate. Customers can choose from Champagne Custard with Chocolate Ganache, Salted Caramel Coffee Custard with Chocolate Ganache or Mississippi Mud Pie.

Fraisier St Valentin, Paul

Paul is offering shoppers the chance to say it with cake, having given its best-selling Fraisier cake a makeover. The Fraisier St Valentin features layers of Genoese sponge, mousseline cream and fresh strawberries crowned with pink marzipan and embossed with hearts.

Personalised Brownies, Signorelli

Italian bakery Signorelli, situated in London’s East Village, is offering shoppers the chance to personalise their chocolate brownies with messages such as ‘Kiss me’, ‘Sweet Thing’ or even ‘BAE’ – that’s short for before anyone else.

Velvet Valentine Curly Whirl, Konditor & Cook

This unusual-looking creation is made from Konditor & Cook’s “most decadent cake”, with Belgian chocolate and covered in vanilla bean cream cheese frosting, topped with swirls of bright red buttercream and chocolate decoration.

French Dark Sourdough, Gail’s Bakery

Gail’s French Dark Sourdough is being given a makeover with a heart stencil on top. Elsewhere in Gail’s romantic range things are getting floral with Floral Honey Cake, a Chocolate, Hazelnut & Praline Tartlet topped with rose petals, and Pistachio, Lemon & Rose Cakes.

I Love You Shortbread, Walkers

Scotland’s Walkers has released a limited-edition ‘I Love You’ tin to celebrate the romantic occasion. Available for £6.50, it contains a miniature selection of Walkers’ pure butter shortbread, including fingers, ovals, rounds and triangles.

Love Heart Pizza, Asda

Share a little pizza your heart! Asda has rolled out a five-strong range of Love Heart Pizzas available in Cheese Meltdown, Pepperoni Feast, Very Veggie Supreme, American Sizzler and Mighty Meat Feast starting at £2. And, for breakfast, it has created Love Heart Crumpets.

Valentine’s Ring Bun, Greggs

Ok, so it’s not a diamond ring but this plastic novelty heart-shaped ring makes for a fun cake topper. Greggs is serving it up on top of a vanilla flavour fairy bun dipped in pink or white fondant and decorated with sugar sprinkles.