Cake manufacturer BBF Limited has teamed up with Nestlé Professional to launch Simply Delicious Cupcakes Made with Rolo.

The cupcakes comprise a vanilla sponge with a toffee injection, topped with caramel frosting, mini Rolos and a chocolate drizzle. They will be available at supermarkets now, in a six-pack format.

“Rolo is a classic brand, with high brand awareness and a great heritage spanning eight decades. What’s more, smooth chocolate and slow melting caramel work perfectly in a cake format, so it was a clear choice for BBF,” said Carys Delve, marketing controller at BBF.

“Listening closely to market data, which shows that cupcakes in a six-pack format are in demand, we worked closely with the team at Nestlé Professional to deliver a product that we’re confident will be appreciated by fans of Rolo.

“In addition, a six-pack ensures we can deliver a sharing experience for consumers, staying true to the Rolo brand ethos.”

In its latest results filing at Companies House, BBF reported growth in revenues and profits. This followed its acquisition of Greencore’s Hull-based cakes and desserts business in 2018.