Bells of Lazonby has developed a new artisan roll range for northern supermarket chain Booths.

The roll-out of the new range this month follows a revamp of the Bells of Lazonby craft breads that are sold exclusively in Booths. This included a shift to a thicker-cut slice for the range of 400g loaves.

‘We saw that more specialist craft bread was driving growth in the market, specifically smaller, more bespoke loaves,” said Bells of Lazonby national account manager Sally Kidd.

“Alongside our three classic recipes we introduced loaves that contained added sourdough and inclusions such as seeds to stay relevant with contemporary trends.”

The craft breads range, and the new rolls, are sold under the ‘A Postcard from the Lakes’ name.

“We wanted to celebrate our purpose, place and heritage with the new craft breads and took inspiration from our surroundings,” explained Josh Boydell Smith, Bell’s head of brand and marketing.

Bells has added a new premium tier to Booths’ rolls line-up with the introduction of rolls with sourdough, which are priced at £1.50 for a four-pack. Other four-packs in the line-up are priced from £1.25.

The full Booths line-up comprises:

Craft Bread:

  • Granary sliced loaf 400g £1.25
  • Granary unsliced loaf 400g £1.25
  • Wholemeal unsliced loaf 400g £1.25
  • White Farmhouse sliced loaf 400g £1.25
  • White Farmhouse unsliced loaf 400g £1.25
  • Super Seeded with Sourdough sliced loaf 400g £1.50
  • Herdwick 50 50 with Sourdough sliced loaf 400g £1.50
  • Classic White with Sourdough sliced loaf 400g £1.50

Rolls Range:

  • White Farmhouse 6 pack £1.15
  • Wholemeal 6 pack £1.15
  • Classic White Stottie 4 pack £1.35
  • White roll with Sourdough 4 pack £1.50
  • Herdwick roll with Sourdough 4 pack £1.50
  • Seeded roll with Sourdough 4 pack £1.50
  • Teacake with 4 pack £1.25
  • Small White Batch 6 pack £0.85