Already a hit in the US, the ice cream giants are bringing the ‘Wich range to our supermarkets this month.

The new way to enjoy a cookie and ice cream together, the range comes in Ben & Jerry’s flavours, including Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Andrea Ball of Ben & Jerry’s said: “Cookies and ice cream have always been close to our hearts and spoons here at Ben & Jerry’s… and we figured it was about time we gave our fans more ways to enjoy them together.

“Even we know there’s a time and a place for the whole tub and spoon thing; sometimes you want a smaller bite and others you want to dig right in. The new ‘Wich family lets you enjoy the cookie ice cream combo any ‘Wich way!”

Individually packaged, the ‘Wich range will be in all major UK supermarkets before the end of March. 

A single ‘Wich will cost £2.49 or £4.19 pack of three. There will also be mini sandwich versions called Son Of A ‘Wich, which will cost £4.99 for eight.