Pieminister will be serving up black charcoal pastry pies this Friday (23 November) to raise money for housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

The event, named Black Pieday to coincide with Black Friday, will see two of the company’s classic pies baked in the charcoal pastry. The pies getting a makeover are The Moo (a British beef steak and Gem Ale pie) and Kevin (a vegan mushroom, tomato and red wine pie).

Both pies will be on the menu from midday to 2pm in all of Pieminister’s cafés and restaurants across the country. They will cost £5 each – every penny of which will go directly to Shelter.

“By buying one of these pies, shoppers can show their support for our fight against homelessness and bad housing,” said Andy Harris, director of fundraising at Shelter.

“The money raised will help us provide advice and support to the thousands of families facing the grim prospect of homelessness this winter.”

Pieminister is known for its unusual creations. In February it unveiled a Pork Pie-Scream for Pie Week. The dessert-based pie comprised a tower of vanilla ice cream, laced with free-range British bacon and bourbon maple syrup served in a waffle-cone pie crust. It was topped with a pork scratching and apple sauce.