The new So Soft bread collection from French bakery specialist Bridor is being marketed as somewhere between a baguette and a roll.

The new range of breads pays homage to France’s love of the classic baguette, while innovating for changing tastes.

“It has the look and crust of a classic baguette with the inner softness of a soft roll,” according to Bridor.

So Soft is a new range of par-baked breads that look like traditional rustic French loaves, with a crusty lightly floured exterior on the outside, but once sliced open they yield an extremely soft texture.

The innovative new So Soft collection is made up of nine references: natural, multigrain, buckwheat, olive & thyme, sundried tomato, pesto, corn, fig, and nut.

The loaves cook within eight minutes from frozen, and retain their softness and outer crust even when sliced and filled. The practical rectangular shape allows for complete fill, and the bread can be used for panini or conventional sandwiches.

Last month, British Baker met Bridor ambassador Michel Roux Jr – two-star Michelin chef, TV star, and passionate baker.