French bakery manufacturer Brioche Pasquier has launched a variant on the classic apple pie, which it says taps into the trend for smaller, less rich desserts.

The Tarte Grillée aux Pommes is a variation on the company’s existing Tarte aux Pommes. It is made with apples that are layered into a pastry crust, topped with a lattice and glazed.

It has no preservatives, artificial flavours or hydrogenated fats as the company said it used “simple, fresh” ingredients such as apples, French butter and eggs.

Like other Brioche Pasquier products, it has been baked and frozen so users can defrost it for two hours at room temperature. It can be served cold or hot after being heated in the oven for 15 minutes.

“French-style tartes are lighter and the pastry is crisper than the average British version. This makes for a more elegant style of apple tart, which looks sophisticated on the plate. Our Tarte Grillée aux Pommes comes pre-sliced into 10 servings so is extremely easy to serve,” said Jon Turonnet, foodservice sales manager, Brioche Pasquier.