According to Euromonitor’s latest nutrition research, baked goods are the third most popular source of protein among the British public.

Even though meat is still the top source of protein for Brits at 12.91 grams (g) per capita per day, baked goods is in the top three category in the UK -  at 9.7g per capita per day.

Figures have proved the baking industry is ramping up its protein options as Warburtons introduced a new protein range of bread goods to the independent sector, due to customer demand.

Sara Petersson, nutrition analyst at Euromonitor International, commented: “Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, providing building blocks for muscle and bone or the production of hormones and enzymes. The term ‘protein’ is commonly associated with foods such as meat, fish, eggs or dairy, which indeed are a high source of protein.

“However, combining the nutritional content of foods with the total volumes consumed paints a different picture of which foods are vital for adequate protein intake. While fresh food alone contributes 30g of protein per capita per day globally, packaged food tops it up with an additional 16g per capita per day. Some of the foods commonly targeted are salted snacks, processed meats or pickled products.”