Lupin bread has been flagged up as a potential food trend for 2018.

Research has suggested lupin lowers blood pressure and insulin sensitivity, and can help with appetite control, according to the 2018 food trends report from ingredients suppliers Eurostar Commodities and Bite UK.

A study at the University of Western Australia found people who had lupin bread rather than white bread for breakfast ate up to 20% less for lunch. It added that when people ate lupin-enriched bread they felt fuller more quickly.

Lupin or lupini beans are the yellow legume seeds traditionally eaten as a pickled snack food in the Mediterranean and Latin America areas.

Phillip Bull, managing director of Eurostar Commodities, told British Baker that lupin had tremendous potential in the UK, but there were challenges to be met.

“In reality, 2018 will see the development of crop and produce and the logistics of bringing this great product to consumers at an affordable price,” said Bull.

“In the commercial production of lupin flour, lupin is grown considerably in Spain and Portugal, but mainly for use as a whole product. There are some issues around quality required to mill the product into flour. Currently, the only location globally that is producing the right lupin product for commercial flour production is Australia.”

Bull added that its team of technical developers had tested the product, but said there was a lot of work to do.

Health-focused product development is set to be a key trend in 2018, with bakers expected to take healthy eating to the “next level”, according to food industry expert Jane Milton.