Italian restaurant chain Carluccio’s has unveiled a duo of vegan sourdough croissants as part of its breakfast offering.

Croissant Vegano and Saccottini al Cioccolato will be available at Carluccio stores from 14 August, at an introductory price of £1. Following this they will be priced at £1.50 and £2.40 respectively.

The Croissant Vegano is made from an Italian fresh sourdough recipe, which the restaurant said gave it “a tasty and airy lightness”, and is sprinkled with cane sugar.

Saccottini al Cioccolato is the Italian relative of the pain au chocolat and comprises vegan pastry filled with hazelnut dark cocoa cream and topped with edible gold sugar.

Carluccio’s said the new pastries were a welcome addition to a menu that “already features a selection of new vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes to cater for all dietary requirements”.

It has also added new milk alternatives including soy, coconut and oat milk.