New “faster, fresher” food-to-go brand Keuken has opened its first store, on Eldon Street, London.

It said its cashless and self-service concept is “hyper-fast”, as customers select, tap and go.

Product is on display in self-service refrigerated pods, which are filled directly with fresh food made from scratch in the kitchen at the rear of the store.

The range includes sandwiches and wraps made with artisan bread, including avocado & black bean wrap, salads, snack pots and cold-pressed juices.   

The pods can accept card and contactless payments and also link to Apple Pay, but do not take cash.

Keuken says it aims to deliver a quicker customer turnaround while reducing staffing costs and creating a positive workplace.

It offers staff perks including music in the kitchen and team drinks (on the company) at the end of the week.

It says “a positive and productive work culture trumps all manner of business plans and strategies when it comes to having satisfied customers.”