The Manchester-based foodservice patisserie firm and distributor, Destiny Foods, has launched a new Continental Selection.

The French-made range of viennoiserie from Destiny includes mini or large croissants and pain au chocolat.

It said: “Wonderfully light and flaky, our buttery croissants are the perfect start to the day. Whilst our Pain au Chocolat are sumptuously shot through with two rich, dark chocolat sticks. Both are supplied as pre-proved and only need from 11-17 minutes to bake.”

The bread in the new range has no additives, artificial preservatives or flavourings.

It said: “High levels of hydration and the additional use of natural sourdough in some of our recipes, means our bread stays fresher for longer.

“The use of long fermentation times, natural sourdoughs and a combination of different flours are what give our bread its characteristic taste and texture.”

Last month Destiny launched a new range of made-without-gluten desserts.