Dutch plant-based brand Magioni has gained its first UK listings for vegetable pizza bases.

Available now in Waitrose and Ocado, the courgette and cauliflower bases are made using vegetables to replace some of the flour in the recipe and contain, on average, 70g of vegetables per base. The bases are priced at £3 for a pack of two, with topped pizzas following on 12 September.

Pizzas in the brand’s range include Beef Bastard – a cauliflower base topped with pulled beef in a BBQ sauce with mozzarella, red onion and spicy tomato sauce – and the Spicy Pumpkin, a pumpkin based topped with garlic, salami, onions and peppers.

Magioni sells 13,000 pizzas a day in the Netherlands and Belgium. Its entrance to the UK market comes a couple months after Dr Oetker launched Yes It’s Pizza – a range of frozen pizzas with vegetable doughs. They are available in two variants: a beetroot base topped with courgette, smoked ham, cheese and red onion; and a spinach base topped with mozzarella, broccoli and mushrooms.