Artisan confectioner Buttermilk, and Cornish spirits producer Southwestern Distillery, have collaborated to produce Tarquin’s Gin, pastis and vanilla -flavoured fudge.

The limited-edition treat packs are now available to purchase on the Buttermilk website.

Tracy McGoad, Buttermilk’s managing director, said: “We have long been big fans and customers of Tarquin’s, and are really impressed by his artisanal skills and passion. Like us, he uses traditional techniques and quality ingredients to create products in small batches.

“It has been great to collaborate with another Cornish producer to create something fun and a little different.”

The fudges have distinct flavours with juniper and orangey coriander notes from the gin, and a sweet aniseed flavour from the pastis.

Tarquin Leadbetter, founder of Southwestern Distillery, said: “I’ve been buying Buttermilk fudge since I was a child, so it was a fantastic idea to collaborate with these brilliant confectioners that are only a few miles down the road from the distillery, and produce something really special.”

Buttermilk’s limited-edition treat packs of gin, pastis and vanilla fudge are priced at £1.99 each.