Pidy, the ready-to-fill pastry specialist, has launched one of the first ever spicy and curry flavoured macarons. 

The curry and spicy flavoured macarons are described by the company as having “a mild flavour with a very subtle spicy kick and both products when filled will impress guests and customers.”

Both the spicy and curry flavoured Macarons are available as 3.5cm in size and are delivered in 96 portions to a case. The spicy and curry flavoured macarons “have a distinctive appearance and are light, moist and crumbly in texture.”

The company suggests that the macarons “can be filled with a number of savoury and spicy fillings from tomato and avocado mousse to hummus, ricotta mousse and a variety of fish and seafood fillings.”

Robert Whittle, general manager at Pidy UK, said:  “We are very excited about our spicy and curry flavoured macarons, they are pioneering and can offer so many savoury, spicy and even sweet and savoury taste sensations.”

He went on to say that the company had received good feedback from clients and customers, who use their macarons as canapés, decorations and toppings on a variety of dishes.

Distinctive flavour

He added: “The distinctive flavour of the macarons are an ideal fit for our UK customers as the British market is so dynamic in its flavour profile, the spicy and curry flavoured macarons will appeal to caterers as customers as they strive for more exciting taste sensations. Pidy always pride themselves on staying ahead of food trends and the flavours of the Macarons will enable our clients to create futuristic flavour fusions.”