Margate-based Speciality Breads is hoping to drive “kitchen and menu creativity” with its first-ever frozen dough range.

Available now, the three-strong range will comprise 470g dough mixes in a white, brown and multigrain format. When baked, the trio of mixes can produce a 400g loaf.

The artisan bakery recommends defrosting the mixes in a freezer overnight before being proved, shaped and baked for 25-30 minutes. The mixes can be personalised with toppings such as poppy seeds or sesame seeds and easily cut to specific sizes.

“Our new range of frozen doughs is the perfect solution for operators as they enable chefs from a range of sectors and from kitchens of all sizes to craft their own bespoke breads day in, day out,” said Speciality Breads managing director Simon Cannell.

“You could literally serve a different-looking bread every day of the week using the same base dough piece. The only limit is their own imagination.”