A plate of Squeaky Bean's new Snack Sausage Rolls next to three plates of salad on a wooden table.

Source: Squeaky Bean

Snack Sausage Rolls

Clive’s Purely Plants and Squeaky Bean are set to give Greggs a run for its money as they become the latest firms to unveil vegan sausage rolls.

The plant-based specialists are hoping to tap into demand for vegan-friendly snacks with both variants sold in shareable snacking packs.

Squeaky Bean's new 8 Snack Sausage Rolls in packaging

Source: Squeaky Bean

The new Squeaky Bean Snack Sausage Rolls come in packs of eight (rsp £2.75) and offer shoppers a version that ‘perfectly mimics and matches a meat sausage roll for both taste and texture’, according to the company.

They’re filled with a blend of wheat and pea protein, bacon-style pieces, and sautéed onions, seasoned with salt, parsley, and sage. The flaky puff pastry coating was developed with expertise shared by parent company The Compleat Food Group, which also owns Wall’s Pastry.

The rolls will be available in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide from 3 May.

“Our goal is to make switching to vegan products an easy and natural choice by offering great tasting meat alternatives,” said Becky Youseman, marketing controller at Squeaky Bean.

“When we realised that there were limited options on the market when it came to premium meat mimetic sausage rolls, and a major demand from consumers, we saw a perfect opportunity for a Squeaky take on a well-loved classic.”

Clive’s NPD

Dartmouth-based Clive’s variation – Sausagey Rolls with Red Onion Chutney (rsp £3.20) – feature a herb-seasoned filling and red onion chutney, wrapped in flaky puff pastry. It can be enjoyed as a hot or cold snack at any time of day, the company said.

Clive's vegan sausage rolls on a marble background with red onion slices

Source: Clive’s Purely Plants

Also joining the Clive’s line-up is a vegan-friendly Tomato & Tofu Quiche with Basil and Cracked Black Pepper (rsp £4.80). Described as a margherita pizza-style quiche, it comprises a rich tomato sauce, fragrant basil, and creamy silken tofu encased in a crisp pastry crust.

“Now that quiche has received the royal nod as signature dish for the coronation, this would make the perfect sharing dish to take along to a coronation party,” said Sarah Hackford, marketing manager at Clive’s.

Both the quiche and sausage rolls are available now at select Waitrose stores and online.

Having started out with its eponymous founder selling Creamy Mushroom Pies – still a bestseller today – off the back of a bicycle in Devon, the company now produces a range of pies, tarts, roasts and quiches that are 100% vegan and organic, with many items also gluten-free. Recent launches include two quiches and a pie at Waitrose last year.